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You Know How To Crock Pot Roast

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You Know How To Crock Pot Roast

If you love crock pot recipes, then you’ll love this easy Crock Pot Roast recipe. This is one of my go-to weeknight meals since it’s so simple and tasty. Best of all? It only takes 5 minutes to prep! we present a simple crock pot roast recipe at Grit Food Subo.


  • Beef roast: This is the meat you will be cooking for your crock pot roast. It’s important to use a lean cut of beef, such as round or chuck.
  • Seasoning mix: You can use any type of seasoning mix here–just make sure it has some salt in it!
  • Onions: Some people like using red onions for their crock pot roast, but regular yellow onions work just fine too! If you want to add some extra flavour, try adding some garlic cloves or chopped bell peppers as well!
  • Carrots: These are an optional ingredient because they don’t add much flavour on their own; however if you’re looking for ways to sneak more vegetables into your meal without anyone noticing (or just because they’re delicious), then carrots should definitely be added here! They also provide moisture while cooking which helps keep everything tender and juicy when done right away instead of being dryer than usual due to overcooking times needed at high temperatures like 425 degrees Fahrenheit which would normally cause this issue but won’t happen with lower temperatures such as 200 degrees Fahrenheit which takes longer periods than normal without losing its moisture content even though there isn’t much left over after 30 minutes anyway so don’t worry about adding these extra steps into making sure nothing happens wrong later down road during preparation time.

Put Your Roast In The Crock Pot

The first step is to put the roast in the crock pot roast. You can do this by placing it on top of a cutting board or other flat surface, then using your hands (or perhaps tongs) to lower it into place. Next, add 1/2 cup of water to the bottom of your crock pot and place its lid securely onto its base. Finally, turn your machine on high for 4 hours and let those juices flow!

It’s important to note that you may want to check your roast every hour or so after it has been cooking for 3 hours. This can help ensure that it is not overcooked, which could result in some very dry meat.

Flavourful, Tender And Easy!

Crock Pot Roast is flavourful, tender, and easy! You can make it in the morning and have it ready for dinner. It only requires a few ingredients and minimal prep work.

This Crock Pot Roast recipe takes about 4 hours to cook on high or 6-8 hours on low which makes it perfect for busy weeknights or weekend meals when you don’t want to spend all day cooking your meal.

This crock pot roast recipe is easy to make, flavourful and tender. It only requires a few ingredients and minimal prep work. You can make it in the morning and have it ready for dinner or even lunch!

Season With Salt, Pepper And Garlic Powder

Seasoning the roast is important. Don’t forget to season it with salt and pepper! You can also add garlic powder for extra flavour. Seasoning the meat will help it cook faster, and make your roast taste better.


The next time you’re looking for a delicious dinner that’s easy to make, try Crock Pot Roast. It’s flavourful, tender and so tasty! You’ll have all the assistance you need to make it a success. So why wait? Let’s get cooking! Grit Food Subo is ready to help you.